Friday, July 14, 2000

At Camp David, PA, Israeli teams break into smaller groups to discuss core issues. The White House says discussions are tense at times. Pres. Clinton meets separately with PM Barak, Arafat. Secy. of State Albright goes to Emmitsburg, MD, to meet with reps. of the DFLP, PPP, PPSF, who had requested to meet with Arafat; the U.S. said allowing them access to Camp David would be a violation of the ground rules. (White House press briefing 7/14; AYM 7/14, SA 7/22 in WNC 7/24; NYT, WP, WT 7/15; WP 7/16; SA 7/17, 7/18 in WNC 7/19; JP 7/21; MEI 7/28; SA 8/1 in WNC 8/3)

Reps. of SLA refugees Israel meet with Israeli DMin. officials to demand permanent housing, schooling for their children, health services. Separately, in Kiryat Shimona and Kiryat Gat, 100s SLA refugees protest their "terrible absorption" and "humiliation" by Israel, demand to return to Lebanon. (YA [Internet] 7/16)