Sunday, July 16, 2000

Photographs of President William Jefferson Clinton at the Jewish Shabbat dinner at Camp David during the Israeli/Palestinian Summit (Camp David Summit). Also photographed is Chairman Yasser Arafat, Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and the Israeli and Palestinian delegations.

Camp David, 14 July 2000
Credits: Photographs of the White House Photograph Office (Clinton Administration) / White House / National Archives

PA-Israeli talks continue at Camp David. In his 1st comments since talks began, Pres. Clinton says there has been some progress toward an agmt., "but I can't say I know we will succeed." Today, Clinton meets with both delegations. In Emmitsburg, the PA, Israeli technical comms. on noncore issues meet; some sessions are held with U.S. reps. present. (White House press briefing 7/16; NYT, WP, WT 7/17; al-Quds, SA 7/17 in WNC 7/19)

 In Tel Aviv, some 100,000 Israelis, many of them Jewish settlers bussed in fr. the West Bank, protest against the Camp David talks. In Nablus, some 1,000 Palestinians hold a rally in support of the summit. Another 1,000 Palestinians in Jinin call on the PA to secure Palestinian sovereignty over East Jerusalem as part of an agmt. (JP [Internet], MA [Internet], NM, NYT, WP, WT, YA [Internet] 7/17; CSM 7/18; MA 7/21 in WNC 7/25)

For a 2d day in Hebron, Jewish settlers throw stones at Palestinians and attack Palestinian property. (al-Quds 7/22 in WNC 7/24; MEI 7/28) (see 7/15)

Jewish settlers confiscate 50 dunams of Palestinian land nr. Salfit. (LAW 8/10)

In Qalqilya, West Bank Palestinians clash with Palestinian migrant laborers fr. Gaza. Gazans have streamed into the West Bank looking for work since 10/99, when the safe-passage route linking the two PA-controlled areas was opened. (WP 7/18)

In Markaba, 2 Hizballah mbrs. are killed in a shootout with Amal mbrs.; up to 9 individuals fr. both sides are wounded. Both groups regret the incident, give no explanation of the cause. Reports suggest that Amal mbrs. picked a fight with Hizballah mbrs. hanging campaign posters for upcoming parliamentary elections, and the incident devolved into a shooting match. (MM 7/17; MEI 7/28)