Monday, July 24, 2000

Photographs of President William Jefferson Clinton meeting with Chairman Yasser Arafat and Prime Minister Ehud Barak at Camp David during the Israeli/Palestinian Summit (Camp David Summit).

Camp David, 25 July 2000
Credits: Photographs of the White House Photograph Office (Clinton Administration) / White House / National Archives

At Camp David, Pres. Clinton continues talks with PA, Israeli teams until early morning, breaks for a few hrs., and then resumes mtgs., which continue all day. Late in the evening, Clinton, with Barak's prior approval, presents the sides with 3 proposals on Jerusalem, marking the 1st time Israel has officially agreed to discuss sharing control of the city. Talks on the proposals continue past midnight. (MM, White House press briefing 7/24; IRNA 7/24 in WNC 7/25; MM, NYT, WP 7/25; DUS 7/25, ABC [Madrid] 7/26 in WNC 7/27; DUS 7/25 in WNC 7/28; MM, WP 7/26; MA 7/27 in WNC 7/31; MEI 7/28; NYT 7/29; WP 7/30)

UN Secy.-Gen. Annan tells the UNSC that Israel has corrected its violations of the blue line with Lebanon; UNIFIL can now deploy to fixed positions in new areas across the s. (UN press briefing 7/24; SA 7/24 in WNC 7/25; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 7/25; WJW 7/27; MEI 7/28)