Thursday, July 27, 2000

Israeli, PA negotiators agree to resume final status talks in Erez on 7/30. (Israel Radio [Internet] 7/27; RFI 7/27 in WNC 7/28; CSM, MM, NYT, WP, WT 7/28)

PM Barak phones 5 U.S. congressmen to ask them to introduce legislation on moving the U.S. emb. fr. Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, reportedly receives a mixed response. (NYT 7/30; WJW 8/3) (see 7/26)

UNIFIL begins deploying to new posts across s. Lebanon, taking up positions at 2 border sites, but freezes the mobilization later in the day because of more Israeli incursions. In New York, the UNSC extends the UNIFIL mandate to 1/31/01. (XIN 7/27 in WNC 7/31; MM 7/28; NYT 7/29)

Lebanon calls on wealthy nations to donate to a $1.34-b., 5-yr. reconstruction fund for redeveloping s. Lebanon--part of a $6.3-b. investment plan for the whole country. (MEI, MM, NYT 7/28)

The Israeli Interior Min. reports that over the past yr., the Jewish settler population in the West Bank and Gaza has grown by 13,600 people, or 7.5%. There are now close to 200,000 settlers in these areas. (Israel Radio [Internet] 7/27)