Thursday, June 22, 2000

In advance of Secy. of State Albright's upcoming visit, U.S. special envoy Ross arrives in Israel for a wk. of talks with PA, Israeli negotiators on possible compromises on final status issues that would bring the sides close enough together to make a 3-way summit possible. (IsRN 6/22; State Dept. press briefing 6/26; AYM 6/26 in WNC 6/29; HA [Internet] 6/27; WP 6/28)

Israeli planes overfly Beirut and Tyre, violating Lebanon's airspace. (NYT 6/23; JP 6/30)

The PSF frees teachers union leader Omar Assaf (detained on 5/5), joumalists Mahir al-Alaimi (detained on 6/6) and Fathi Barkawi (detained in early 6/00), and dir. gen. of the PA Youth and Sport Min. Abu Ali Muqabil (detained in 4/00), who all were detained for criticizing PA corruption. (Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group press release 6/22; JP 6/30) (see 5/22)

An IDF unit shoots, seriously wounds Islamic Jihad activist Radi al-Safi outside Bayt Sahur, in area C. Palestinian witnesses say Safi was ambushed; IDF says Safi pulled a gun at an IDF roadblock and threatened to shoot soldiers. (al-Quds 6/23 in WNC 6/27; JP 6/30)

Jewish settlers fr. Barkha settlement in the West Bank shoot, wound 4 Palestinian farmers attempting to take down a fence that settlers had erected on their property to expand Barkha's boundaries. (Palestine Chronicle [Internet] 6/23; al-Quds 6/23 in WNC 6/27)