Wednesday, November 22, 2000

Israeli-Palestinian clashes intensify, leaving 9 Palestinians dead, including senior Fatah official Jamal `Abd al-Razik, whose car is ambushed and strafed by IDF troops. Hrs. later, a remote-controlled car bomb explodes during rush hr. in Hadera, Israel, killing 2 Israelis, injuring 60. Although Arafat denounces the bombing, Barak blames the PA, vows Israel will "get even," convenes his security cabinet to discus how to respond; the cabinet recesses without taking a decision. The IDF sends more tanks into Gaza; dismantles the vegetable market in Hebron; bulldozes Palestinian land in Bayt Lahia, Dayr al-Balah, Hebron, Nablus; demolishes several homes nr. Kefar Darom, Gush Katif; takes over a home in Ajja for use as a new base. The IDF directs shells, heavy machine gun fire on residential areas of al-Bireh, Rafah (destroying 1 home, damaging 2). Jewish settlers bulldoze Palestinian land and set fire to 2 factories in Tura al-Sharqiyya; bulldoze land nr. Qalqilya, Salfit; fire on Palestinians nr. Jinin; attack Palestinians in Bayt Ilo, Bayt Rimia, Dayr `Amar, Qalqilya. The PSF successfully removes explosive devices found in schools in Balata camp, Nablus. (ADM, LAW, MEZ, MM 11/22; AFP 11/22 in WNC 11/24; MM, NYT, WP, WT 11/23; NYT, WP 11/24; MA, al-Quds 11/24 in WNC 11/29; Independent [Internet], JP 12/7; PCHR 12/18; WJW 12/28)

In response to the Hadera bombing, 10,000s of Israeli attend a "Let the Army Win!" rally in Jerusalem's Zion Square, calling for revenge attacks on Palestinian targets, tougher military action against the Palestinians. (AFP [Internet] 11/22; MM, NYT, WP 11/23; MEI 11/24; WP 11/27; MM 11/28)

At an emergency session of the UN Security Council (UNSC) in New York, Egyptian, Palestinian envoys call for international protection for the Palestinians. The U.S. says the emergency session, the call for international observers are inappropriate, unhelpful. (MM 11/22; JT, XIN 11/22, MENA 11/23 in WNC 11/24; MM 11/30)

The UN Economic and Social Council adopts (21-19 with 11 abstentions) a resolution by the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) ordering an investigation of Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights during the recent clashes. (MM 11/30)