Thursday, October 5, 2000

In Sharm al-Shaykh, Albright, Arafat brief Mubarak on the 10/4 Paris talks. Israeli and PA officials meet with U.S. special envoy Ross on the sidelines. (MM, MENA, IRNA 10/5 in WNC 10/6; MM, WP, WT 10/6; AYM, al-Quds, XIN 10/6 in WNC 10/10; AYM 10/11 in WNC 10/12; MEI 10/13)

In the West Bank and Gaza, the IDF pulls back tanks and some troops fr. major Palestinian cities, and the PSF clears Palestinian protesters fr. major Israeli outposts, implementing the 1st steps of the Sharm al-Shaykh agmts. Some clashes still take place in the West Bank and Gaza (including at Netzarim Junction), leaving 2 Palestinians dead; a 3d Palestinian dies of wounds received earlier. (MM 10/5; MENA 10/5 in WNC 10/6; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 10/6; DUS, JT, MA, al-Musawwar 10/6 in WNC 10/10; AYM 10/6 in WNC 10/13)

At Wihdat camp, Jordanian riot police fire tear gas Palestinians protesting Israeli violence to keep them fr. marching out of the camp. Anti-Israeli, anti-U.S. demonstrations are held in Iran, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan. Rallies in solidarity with the Palestinians are held in London, Princeton, St. Louis, Toronto. (MM 10/5; REU, UPI 10/6; REU 10/8; MEI 10/13)

The board of directors of the Israel Broadcast Authority (IBA) agrees to "not provide a stage for the leaders of the Palestinian inciters and rioters and not give excessive voice, exposure, or coverage to radicals" during the clashes. The IBA includes state-run and independent media. (MK Azmi Bishara press release 10/6)

297 SLA mbrs. and dependents who fled to Israel in 5/00 return to Lebanon. (al-Nahar 10/6 in WNC 10/10)