Friday, October 13, 2000

Israeli-Palestinian clashes continue but are less severe, largely because overnight the IDF deployed tanks on access roads to and around PA cities, sealing areas A, limiting movement. During the day, 2 Palestinians are killed by Israeli gunfire, over 160 are injured. Israel prohibits Palestinians under 45 fr. attending Friday prayers in Jerusalem, prompting scuffles with those denied access but preventing the full-scale rioting of 9/29, 10/6. In Jerusalem, cameramen record footage of Israeli police disguised as Palestinians seizing 2 Palestinian youths, beating them while holding them in a choke hold. Armed Jewish settlers rampage through Husan, fire on Palestinian homes in Artas, Bayt Inun, al-Khadir. In Gaza City and Shati camp, 100s of Palestinians hold rallies denouncing the PA for the failed peace process. The rallies devolve into riots, with demonstrators torching cars, bars, hotels, restaurants; the PA police arrest 16. (AP, IsRN, LAW 10/13; ADM, LAW, NYT, WP, WT 10/14; HA [Internet] 10/15)

Oman closes its trade office in Tel Aviv, Israel's trade mission in Muscat. Morocco recalls its envoy to Israel. In Cairo, 10,000 Egyptians hold anti-Israeli, anti-U.S. demonstrations. In Lebanon, the army keeps Palestinians away fr. the blue line, where they want to hold demonstrations. However, 6,000 Palestinians in `Ayn al-Hilwa camp, 3,000 in Beddawi camp, 5,000 in Nahr al-Barid camp, 7,000 in Rashidiyya camp demonstrate against Israel. In Amman, 8,000 Jordanians attend a government-sanctioned rally; a smaller, unauthorized demonstration takes place spontaneously following Friday prayers. In the U.S., rallies are held in Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, Las Vegas, New York, Petaluma (CA), Philadelphia, Santa Ana (CA), San Francisco, Washington. Similar demonstrations are held in Austria, Bahrain, Bosnia, Canada, Djbouti, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Pakistan, Scotland, Sudan, Syria. (AFP [Internet], BBC, Los Angeles Times [Internet], MM, Omani News Agency [Internet], REU, UPI 10/13; AFP, BETA [Belgrade], MENA 10/13, MENA 10/14 in WNC 10/16; Daily Star [Internet], NYT 10/14; HA [Internet], NYT 10/15; MM 10/17; WJW 10/19; WP, WT 10/20; MM 10/24, 10/25; WJW 10/26; MEI 10/27)