Friday, August 17, 2001

The IDF says it averted a major bombing in Haifa, arresting 2 Islamic Jihad mbrs. The IDF also enters Brazil camp to demolish at least 1 house and fires on residents with live ammunition, injuring 10; shells, briefly enters Khan Yunis, exchange gunfire with Palestinians, leaving 1 Palestinian dead; tightens the closures on Bethlehem, Qalqilya (cutting phone lines to the town), Ramallah. Palestinians throw 2 hand grenades at an IDF post nr. Jinin, causing no damage. (HP 8/17; NYT, WT 8/18; AP, HP, WT 8/19; LAW 8/22)

An Egyptian delegation led by Osama Baz, senior adviser to Egyptian pres. Husni Mubarak, holds its 4th and last day of mtgs. with U.S. officials, including Secy. of State Colin Powell, National Security Adviser (NSA) Condoleeza Rice. Baz says the sides exchanged ideas on "certain arrangements" for enabling implementation of the Mitchell Comm. recommendations but would not discuss details until they had studied each other's proposals. (United Press International 8/17; MENA 8/27, MENA, al-Quds 8/18, MENA 8/19 in WNC 8/20; NYT, WP 8/18; WP 8/19; al-Quds 8/19, MENA 8/20 in WNC 8/21; HA 8/21; MM 8/22; al-Musawwar 8/24 in WNC 8/27)