Wednesday, July 11, 2001

Palestinians fire another mortar at Nahal Oz kibbutz, causing no damage. The IDF fatally shoots a Palestinian passenger in a taxi that passes a checkpoint without stopping. The IDF also shells residential areas of al-Khadir; bulldozes Palestinian trees btwn. Abu Dis and Jabal al-Mukabir; tightens the closures on Bethlehem, Nablus. Inside Israel, Israeli police arrest a Palestinian carrying a bomb. The body of a Palestinian suspected of collaborating with Israel is found in a West Bank village. Israel's Peres says that, although the PA is still not making a 100% effort to halt violence, evidence in recent days suggests that the PSF is taking action against renegade gunmen; Israeli security sources corroborate reports that Arafat has ordered the PSF place a number of wanted Palestinians in "protective custody" but say Israel considers this "insufficient." Peres also says that 15 illegal settlement outposts should be dismantled within 2-3 wks. (HA, HP 7/11; NYT, WP 7/12)

The Israeli government orders the demolition of 34 Palestinian homes in al-Midya, on the border of the Green Line, where Israel intends to create a buffer zone with the West Bank. The Jerusalem Municipality also orders the demolition of 2 more houses and 15 dunams of surrounding land in Shaykh Jarrah, East Jerusalem, for construction of a train line linking West Jerusalem with the Pisgat Ze'ev settlement. (Orient House press release 7/11; PMC 7/12)

In Jeddah, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) calls on the U.S. to fulfill its international obligations to protect the Palestinians and to stop applying a double standard in favor of Israel, or turn the matter over to the UN. (MM 7/16, 7/20)