Tuesday, July 10, 2001

In a predawn operation, the IDF bulldozes at least 17 Palestinian homes, 12 stores in Rafah refugee camp, leaving 150 Palestinians homeless and sparking a gunfight that leaves 5 Palestinians, 3 IDF soldiers wounded. Terming the demolitions "highly provocative," the U.S. announces plans to send Dep. Asst. Secy. of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Satterfield to the region to push U.S. cease-fire initiatives. Meanwhile, Palestinians fire a mortar at Nahal Oz kibbutz, causing no injuries but marking the 1st confirmed mortar attack inside the Green Line since 5/4. A Palestinian woman gives birth at an IDF checkpoint when soldiers deny her passage, the baby dies before reaching a hospital. For the 2d time in 2 days, a Palestinian man dies of a heart attack at an IDF checkpoint when soldiers refuse to allow him passage to a hospital. Jewish settlers set fire to 50 dunams of Palestinian agricultural land nr. Avni Hefets settlement. (MEZ, MM, WP 7/10; HP, NYT, PMC, WP, WT 7/11; JT 7/11 in WNC 7/12; HJ, IRNA 7/12 in WNC 7/13; ATL 7/12 in WNC 7/16)