Monday, August 5, 2002

In light of the increase in violence, Ben-Eliezer promises a "long list of actions" in the West Bank and Gaza that would "make the closure much bigger than it is now"; bans all Palestinian travel in the n. West Bank; seals the s. Gaza Strip. The IDF makes a predawn raid on Burqa village, assassinates wanted AMB mbr. Khalid Sayf, also killing 1 Palestinian bystander; opens fire on a group of Palestinians violating the curfew nr. Nablus, killing a 13-yr.-old Palestinian boy. Palestinian gunmen ambush a settler vehicle nr. Nablus, killing 2 Jewish settlers, wounding 2. A Palestinian car explodes nr. Umm al-Fahm, killing the Palestinian driver and injuring another in what the IDF says was a premature detonation of a suicide bomb; al-Nathir takes responsibility. The IDF says it has captured Hamas mbr. Mazan Fukha, who allegedly plotted the 8/4 bus bombing; shells, demolishes a autobody shop in Gaza City that allegedly served as a weapons factory; conducts arrest raids nr. Khan Yunis, Tubas; shells residential areas nr. Dayr al-Balah. (MM, WP, WT 8/5; AFP 8/5 in WNC 8/5; NYT, WP, WT 8/6; LAW, PCHR 8/7)

With Sharon's permission, Ben-Eliezer presents his Gaza First plan to PA Interior M Yahya, senior PA security officials. (HA, WP 8/6; MM 8/7; HA 8/8; MM 8/16) (see 7/15)

For the 10th yr. in a row, the Anti-Defamation League sponsors a group of U.S. college newspaper editors on a trip (8/5-18) to Israel, Poland, Bulgaria to learn about the history of the Holocaust, the founding of Israel, the Israeli Palestinian conflict. (JTA 8/6)