Monday, June 10, 2002

IDF continues operations in Ramallah, conducting house-to-house searches, arresting 27 Palestinians, occupying a PSF post and detaining 30 PSF officers, surrounding hospitals and PRCS offices, firing on 2 ambulances. The IDF also continues arrest raids in Hebron, sends troops in and out of Tulkarm repeatedly during the day. A mysterious predawn explosion at the home of a senior PA military intelligence official in Jabaliya injures 40 Palestinians; an ill Palestinian dies at a checkpoint nr. Jenin; a 2d Palestinian dies of injuries received on 5/28. (LAW, NYT, PRCS press release 6/10; NYT, UPMRC, WP, WT 6/11)

Sharon meets with Bush at the White House. Afterward, Bush says that the time is not yet ripe to begin working toward a final status agmt.; PA must first make reforms. Asked about Israel's ongoing incursions into Palestinian towns, Bush says "Israel has a right to defend herself." (HA, MM 6/10; MA, XIN 6/10 in WNC 6/11; AYM 6/10, MENA 6/11 in WNC 6/12; MM, NYT, WP, WT 6/11; JT, QA, al-Quds 6/12 in WNC 6/13; MM, Jerusalem Times, WJW, WP 6/13; MENA 6/13 in WNC 6/14; MEI 6/14; MA 6/14 in WNC 6/16; MA 6/14 in WNC 6/17; MM 6/17; al-Quds 6/18 in WNC 6/19)

The YESHA settlers council launches a PR campaign to "stress the morality and justice of the Jews' right to the Land of Israel"; says it recently hired a company to handle overseas PR, organized a delegation to meet with U.S. congressmen and investors, held a seminar for settlement spokesman, published a brochure for settlers on how to deal with the media. (Hatzofe 6/10 in WNC 6/11)