Sunday, September 1, 2002

The IDF fatally shoots 4 Palestinians nr. Hebron; the IDF initially claims it ambushed armed "terrorists" attempting to infiltrate Kiryat Arba settlement, later admits the men were unarmed and shot 2 mi. fr. any settlement. Israeli pres. Moshe Katsav orders an investigation into the spate of IDF attacks on unarmed Palestinian civilians since 8/28. The IDF also shells a fuel station, electricity generator in Rafah, cutting electricity to parts of the city; fires on residential areas of Jenin; conducts arrest raids in Anza (nr. Jenin), al-Farah r.c. A 5th Palestinian dies of injuries received on 8/24. (MM, NYT, PM, WP 9/2; LAW, PCHR 9/4; HA, MEI 9/13)