Monday, April 21, 2003

The IDF undercover units conduct arrest raids in Jenin, shooting and wounding 5 Palestinians, detaining 4; conduct additional arrest raids in Aida r.c., Balata r.c., Bayt Jalah, Nahalin, Ramallah. The IDF also fires rubber bullets at several Palestinian children (ages 9–14) allegedly violating a curfew in Hebron, wounding 1; fires live ammunition at a checkpoint nr. Gaza City for no apparent reason, injuring 1 Palestinian child, damaging several vehicles; shells residential areas of Khan Yunis; demolishes 2 Palestinian homes in Bayt Furik, threatens to demolish a 3d house if the son of the family does not turn himself in for questioning; bulldozes 10s of dunams of olive groves in East Jerusalem to make way for a settler bypass road. A roadside bomb explodes nr. an IDF vehicle in Hebron, causing no damage or injuries. Hamas fires 2 Qassam rockets at Sederot, lightly injuring 1 Israeli. (HA 4/21; HA 4/23; LAW, PCHR 4/24)

U.S. dir. of the reconstruction of Iraq U.S. Lt. Gen. Jay Garner (ret.) arrives in Baghdad to begin work. Garner visited Israel in 1998 at the expense of the pro-Israel lobbying group the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), has signed a statement blaming the Palestinians for Israeli-Palestinian violence, has said that the U.S. needs Israel to project U.S. force in the Middle East. (MM, NYT, WP, WT 4/22)