Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A Hamas suicide bomber detonates a device nr. an IDF base nr. Gush Katif Junction in s. Gaza, killing 1 Shin Bet officer, wounding 7 IDF soldiers. IDF soldiers angry over the bombing fire on Palestinians waiting to cross the nearby Abu Huli and al-Mahatin checkpoints, wounding 2, denying them medical treatment, only allowing them to leave the area to seek treatment after 2 hrs. The IDF makes a late-night incursion into Nablus, arrests 13 Hamas mbrs., destroys 2 Palestinian homes; fires on residential areas nr. the n. Gaza border and in Dayr al-Balah; conducts arrest raids, house searches in and around Bethlehem, nr. Gaza City, nr. Ramallah. Islamic Jihad fires 2 rockets at Netzarim settlements and detonates a roadside bomb by an IDF patrol in Bayt Hanun, causing no damage or injuries. The PRCs fire 2 rockets at Netzarim, causing no damage or injuries. An Israeli teenager injured in a Qassam attack on 1/15 dies. (JAZ, VOI,. XIN 1/18, MA, VOI 1/19 in WNC 1/20; AP, HA, MM, NYT 1/19; WP 1/20; PCHR 1/27)

Abbas arrives in Gaza for several days of consultations, meets with faction leaders, security heads there. Abbas meets with Hamas leaders to urge them to halt attacks on Israeli targets. (JAZ 1/18 in WNC 1/20; MM, NYT, UPI, WT 1/19; PR 1/20)