Thursday, January 20, 2005

The IDF reopens the Rafah crossing (closed on 12/12) to Palestinians entering Gaza as a gesture to Abbas for taking steps on security; fatally shoots a 14-yr.-old Palestinian carrying a toy gun in Tubas; fires on 3 Palestinian children walking nr. a Rafah mosque, killing a 2d 14-yr.-old Palestinian; cuts down an olive grove nr Salfit for road construction; conducts arrest raids, house searches in Bayt ‘Awwa, Bani Na‘im, Bayt Hanun, Sammu‘a nr. Hebron. Hamas fires an antitank missile at an IDF bulldozer in Bayt Hanun, injuring 3 IDF soldiers. DFLP mbrs. fire a missile at an IDF jeep nr. Khan Yunis, causing no damage or injuries. (JTA 1/20; VOI 1/20 in WNC 1/21; MM, NYT, WP 1/21; OCHA 1/26; PCHR 1/27)