Friday, November 8, 2013

In the West Bank, IDF troops shoot and injure 1 Palestinian in clashes nr. Abu Dis, while separately, Palestinians throw a petrol bomb at a settler car nr. Bethlehem, injuring 2 Israelis. The IDF conducts house searches and arrest raids in Jenin in the morning, in 1 village nr. Qalqilya in the afternoon, and in 2 villages and al-‘Arub r.c. nr. Hebron, 1 village nr. Bethlehem and in Salfit at night; patrols in Hebron in the afternoon. IDF troops violently disperse Palestinian, Israeli, and international protesters at weekly demonstrations against Israel’s separation wall, settlements, and occupation in 3 villages nr. Ramallah (Bil‘in, Nabi Salih, and Ni‘lin), 1 village nr. Qalqilya (Kafr Qaddum), and 1 village nr. Bethlehem (al-Ma‘sara). There are no serious injuries. (JP, MNA 11/8; PCHR 11/14)

The U.S. and Israel both miss a deadline to repay debts to UNESCO, thus triggering an automatic loss of voting rights. Both countries have not paid their dues to the agency since Palestine was admitted as a mbr. in 2011. (AP, REU 11/8)

U.S. Secy. of State Kerry departs Israel after a tense meeting with Netanyahu at Ben Gurion Airport where the Israeli PM expresses strong protest at the emerging potential deal with Iran, views he subsequently airs in a press conference. Later, Pres. Obama calls Netanyahu himself to try and assuage his doubts, according to a press release issued by the White House. (HA, REU 11/8)

Supporters of ousted pres. Morsi hold another day of demonstrations across Egypt, with 2 killed in Cairo in fighting between Brotherhood mbrs. and residents, and other protests in cities like Suez and Alexandria. Meanwhile, Egyptian authorities close the Rafah border crossing with Gaza until further notice. (AP, MNA 11/8)