Wednesday, September 10, 2014

In the West Bank, IDF troops shoot and kill an unarmed Palestinian in al-Am‘ari r.c. nr. Ramallah during clashes with residents that were prompted by an arrest raid. IDF troops demolish 5 structures in a village nr. Yatta. The IDF conducts house searches and arrest raids in 5 villages nr. Hebron. Off the coast of the Gaza Strip nr. Bayt Lahiya, Israeli naval forces open fire on Palestinian fishing boats, causing no injuries or damage. (MNA 9/10; PCHR 9/11)

Hamas announces that indirect talks with Israel are set to resume in Cairo in mid-9/2014. (AFP 9/10)

A ship sailing to Italy from Egypt full of around 500 migrants—including Palestinians fleeing Gaza, Egyptians, and Sudanese— capsizes in the Mediterranean after another ship of human traffickers rams their vessel. Approximately 450 of the passengers are killed or unaccounted for, and the survivors are picked up by various vessels and taken to Sicily, Crete, and Egypt. The Egyptian govt. releases few details about the incident and the Egyptian media largely ignores the story. (NYT 9/15; AP, NYT 9/19)

U.S. Pres. Obama authorizes air strikes in Syria, for the 1st time, and further attacks in Iraq targeting the so-called Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) group. The new target list will include ISIS’s “leadership, logistical, and operational capability,” in an attempt to “deny [the group] sanctuary and resources to plan, prepare and execute attacks.” (AP, REU 9/10)