Friday, October 16, 2015

For the 8th day in a row, IDF troops stationed along Gaza’s border open fire on Palestinians protesting and throwing stones throughout the region, killing 2 Palestinians and injuring at least 142 (a 3d Palestinian will succumb to injuries sustained today on 10/23). Stabbing incidents continue, as IDF troops shoot and kill a Palestinian in the Kiryat Arba settlement nr. Hebron after he stabs and moderately injures an Israeli soldier. Elsewhere in the West Bank, IDF troops clash with and violently disperse Palestinians, Israelis, and international activists at Friday demonstations and violent protests in 4 areas nr. Ramallah (outside the Beit El settlement, Silwad, Budrus, and Bil‘in), and nr. Hebron, Bethlehem, Nablus, and Qalqilya, killing 1 Palestinian and injuring 73. The IDF patrols outside Ramallah and in Nablus, sparking clashes with stone-throwers (2 Palestinians are injured); conducts house searches and raids throughout the region, arresting 4 Palestinians. Palestinian gunmen open fire on IDF vehicles nr. Ramallah, causing minor damage. In East Jerusalem, the Israeli police bar Palestinian men under the age of 40 from entering Haram al-Sharif; clash with stone-throwing Palestinians in Ras al-Amud (2 Palestinians are injured); conduct raids nr. the Old City and Issawiyya (4 Palestinians are arrested). (EI, HA, JP, MNA, TOI, YA 10/16; PCHR 10/22)

The UNSC convenes to discuss the recent violence in Israel and the oPt as well as Israeli restrictions on Palestinian access at Haram al-Sharif, at the request of Jordan. French amb. to the UN François Delattre says that France has prepared a draft presidential statement that would, inter alia, urge all parties to maintain the status quo at the sanctuary. (AFP, HA, JP, TOI, YA 10/16; HA 10/17)