Thursday, June 11, 2020

In the West Bank, Israeli settlers attacked 1 Palestinian man in Burqa, causing fractures and bruises. An Israeli settler also set a car on fire and wrote racist graffiti in Zeita, south of Nablus. Israeli forces destroyed a 200-meter-long water pipe near Bardala and took measurements for a punitive demolition of the home belonging to the family of an alleged attacker in Ya‘bad. 11 Palestinians were arrested during raids in and around Bethlehem, Hebron, Ramallah, and ‘Azun. In East Jerusalem, 6 Palestinians were arrested in Issawiyya. (WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 6/11; WAFA 6/12; PCHR 6/18)

Yedioth Ahronoth reported that Israel is planning a census of Palestinians living in Area C, which would be the 1st since 1967. (HA 6/11)

In Lebanon, protesters rallied against the Lebanese government after the local currency lost 60 percent of its value in recent weeks. (REU 6/12; AJ, AJ 6/13)

U.S. president Donald Trump announced sanctions on the ICC and ICC personnel in retaliation to investigations into potential U.S. war crimes committed in Afghanistan. While Israel was not mentioned in Trump’s executive order, the country was mentioned in the accompanying press release: “the International Criminal Court has taken no action to reform itself and continues to pursue politically motivated investigations against us and our allies, including Israel.” (HA 6/11; WAFA 6/12)

More than 50 members of the U.S. congress called, in a letter, on U.S. ambassador David Friedman to condemn violence committed by Israeli settlers in the same manner he condemns violence committed by Palestinians. The letter noted the rise in cases of violence committed by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in recent months. (HA 6/11; WAFA 6/12)

The European Court of Human Rights ruled that the French courts had violated freedom of expression when 12 people from the BDS movement were convicted of inciting racism and anti-Semitism for distributing leaflets calling for boycotts of Israeli goods. France was ordered to pay each of the 12 campaigners $31,150. (Amnesty, HA, REU, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 6/11)

The World Bank approved a $10 million grant to help operate and maintain a wastewater plant in Gaza. (WAFA 6/11)