Thursday, June 18, 2020

In the West Bank, Israeli forces placed cement blocks, barring access to several villages in the Jordan Valley. Israeli forces demolished 1 Palestinian-owned home in al-Khadir and demolished 1 car wash near Tuqu‘. 7 Palestinians were arrested during late-night raids in and around al-Bireh, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jericho, and Hebron. In East Jerusalem, 1 Palestinian family who appealed the impeding demolition of their home in Jabal Mukabir to the Israeli high court of justice were told they had until 6/21 to demolish their house. 1 Palestinian was assaulted by 1 settler using pepper spray in Silwan. Israeli settlers with police escort toured the Haram al-Sharif compound. 4 Palestinians were arrested, including 3 during a late-night raid in Wadi al-Juz and 1 at the Haram al-Sharif compound. (WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 6/18; PCHR 6/25)

OCHA reported a 250 percent increase in the demolition of Palestinian-owned structures in the period between 6/2 and 6/15 compared to the weekly average since the beginning of 2020. Israel demolished 70 structures in the 2-week period, displacing 90 people and affecting over 280. (OCHR 6/18; WAFA 6/20)

The Jordanian foreign minister Ayman Safadi went on an unannounced visit to Ramallah to discuss Israeli annexation plans with PA president Mahmoud Abbas. Foreign Minister Safadi said, “Jordan will stand by the Palestinians and will use any means at its disposal to guarantee them rights.” (AJ, WAFA, WAFA 6/18; HA, 6/19)

1 Israeli soldier who pled guilty to charges of negligence and reckless endangerment for killing 1 Palestinian man in Gaza without authorization from his superior received 45 days of community service and was demoted to the rank of private as punishment. (ABC 6/18)