Tuesday, June 8, 2021

In the West Bank, Israeli forces started construction of a settler-only road near Hizma. Israeli forces also razed land in Jalud. Elsewhere, Israeli forces demolished 1 residential structure and 1 agricultural structure in al-Twana. Israeli forces also demolished an irrigation pool in Bardala. 9 Palestinians were arrested during late-night raids in and around Dahaysha refugee camp, Awarta, Bayt Ibia, and Bayt Rima. In East Jerusalem, 3 Palestinians were arrested during a house raid in al-Tur; during the raid, Israeli forces sprayed skunk water on protesters. Off the coast of Gaza, Israeli naval forces opened fire at Palestinian fishermen within 3 nautical miles west of Bayt Lahiya and within 6 nautical miles west of Dayr al-Balah; no injuries were reported. In Israel, Israeli forces raided a Palestinian section of the Megiddo Prison, injuring 3 Palestinian prisoners with rubber-coated bullets. (WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 6/8; PCHR 6/10)

Fatah and Hamas senior officials were in Cairo for talks with Egypt’s intelligence chief Abbas Kamel. The Hamas delegation included the leader of the politburo Ismail Haniyeh and the Fatah delegation was led by secretary general of the Fatah central committee Jibril Rajoub. The 2 groups were said to be discussing stabilizing the cease-fire between Hamas and Israel, and the reconstruction of Gaza. It was unclear if the Fatah and Hamas delegations were in direct or indirect talks. (ALM, HA, REU 6/8)

Israel’s security cabinet postponed the controversial Flag March, where Israeli right-wingers and settlers provocatively march throughout the Old City of East Jerusalem from 6/10 to 6/15. 6/15 would be 2 days after the new Israeli government is sworn in. (AJ, AP, HA, REU, TOI 6/8; ALM, JP 6/9)

Speaker of the Knesset Yariv Levin announced that the parliament would vote to confirm the new government on 6/13. (AJ, ALM, AP 6/8; HA 6/9)

Haaretz reported that an Israeli spyware company with ties to the Israeli military, Quadream, had sold spyware to Saudi Arabia that can infiltrate iPhones without clicking on a link, which is usually necessary to activate. The spyware enables the operator to view all information in the phone’s storage and use the phone’s microphone to eavesdrop. (HA 6/8)

Israel released 2 Jordanian citizens who had crossed into Israel from Jordan on 5/17. Jordan had earlier complained that its diplomats could not offer legal aid to the 2. (HA 6/8)

Israeli forces conducted air strikes in Syria while using Lebanese air space, reportedly killing 11 people near Homs. Israel also attacked Damascus, but the missiles were said to have been intercepted. (AP, HA, REU 6/8; AJ, FOX 6/9)