Quarterly Updates for (16 May 2017 — 15 Aug 2017)

The following data come from a poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PCPSR) between 6/29–7/1/2017. The results are based on a survey of 1,200 Palestinians from the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip. The complete poll, the 64th in a series, can be found at www.pcpsr.org. The text has been edited for clarity.


1.  The PA has stopped making payments to cover the costs of electricity that Israel supplies to the Gaza Strip and has threatened to take additional similar steps in order to coerce Hamas [into a reconciliation deal]. Do you support or oppose the PA stopping payments to cover electricity costs?

  Total West Bank Gaza Strip
1) Support 10.4% 7.2% 16.7%
2) Oppose 84.2% 86.7% 79.5%
3) Don’t know/Not applicable 5.3% 6.1% 3.8%

2. Do you think this step and similar other steps that might be taken by the PA against Hamas will succeed or fail in ending the split?

  Total West Bank Gaza Strip
1) Will succed 13.3% 9.1% 21.6%
2) Will fail 78.0% 81.5% 71.2%
3) Don’t know/Not applicable 8.6% 9.4% 7.2%

3. Media reports indicate that Hamas and [exiled Fatah leader] Dahlan, with Egyptian sponsorship, have agreed to form a joint admin. or govt. . . . [See “Intra-Palestinian Dynamics” above.] If these reports are accurate, do you expect the agreement to lead to the complete separation between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip?

  Total West Bank Gaza Strip
1) Yes 38.1% 34.6% 44.9%
2) No 50.4% 50.8% 49.8%
3) Don’t know/Not applicable 11.4% 14.6% 5.4%

  4. Are you for or against such an agreement?

  Total West Bank Gaza Strip
1) For 39.7% 28.5% 61.4%
2) Against 48.3% 56.6% 32.2%
3) Don’t know/Not applicable 12.0% 14.9% 6.4%

5. Last month, Hamas released a new document expressing its principles and political positions [see JPS 46 (4)]. The document is seen by some as a replacement for the Hamas Charter first released nearly 30 years ago after the eruption of the First Intifada. If you have heard about the new document, tell us what you think of it: Does it maintain the basic and historic positions and principles of Hamas, or does it differ from them?

  Total West Bank Gaza Strip
1) Did not hear about it 52.7% 63.6% 31.5%
2) Maintains the former basic positions and principles    19.5% 11.8% 34.4%
3) Differs from former basic positions and principles 20.5% 16.1% 29.1%
4) Don’t know/not applicable    7.3% 8.5% 4.9%