Friday, December 18, 2015

A total of 3 Palestinians are killed by Israeli forces in clashes and small-scale violent incidents across the oPt. In the West Bank, IDF troops shoot and kill a Palestinian driver in Silwad after he allegedly attempts to ram his car into them during clashes between the IDF and Palestinians. IDF troops shoot and injure 2 other Palestinians in alleged car-ramming attempts in Silwan and Ramallah, arresting the suspect in the latter event. The IDF violently disperses Palestinians, Israelis, and international activists at Friday demonstrations against the Israeli occupation in 4 villages nr. Ramallah, 1 each nr. Hebron and Nablus, and 4 areas along Gaza’s border; 2 Palestinians are killed e. of Ramallah and nr. Khan Yunis, respectively, and 37 Palestinians and 2 Israeli soldiers are injured. Meanwhile, the IDF conducts raids and house searches in and around Jenin and Hebron, arresting 1 Palestinian and issuing arrest summons to 2; patrols in 1 village and al-Fawar r.c. nr. Hebron, 11 villages nr. Ramallah, and 1 nr. Jericho. Israel also returns to Qalandia r.c. the body of the Palestinian youth killed by Israeli forces on 11/23 in an alleged stabbing incident. Along Gaza’s border, Israeli forces conduct a limited incursion e. of Khan Yunis to level land and search the area; open fire on Palestinians approaching the border nr. Bayt Hanun, injuring 2. (HA, JP, MNA, TOI, YA 12/18; MNA 12/19; HA 12/21; PCHR 12/31)

A Palestinian is shot and killed in the n. Sinai Peninsula. The Egyptian army says that he was likely killed by Sinai Province of the Islamic State (SPIS) fighters. (MNA 12/19)