Monday, April 1, 2019

In the West Bank, Israeli forces sealed the entrances to the villages Nabi Salih and Abud near Ramallah. The sealing of Nabi Salih led to clashes between residents and Israeli forces; no injuries were reported. During late-night raids in Qalandia refugee camp, Israeli forces killed a 23-year-old Palestinian man; 3 other Palestinians were injured and taken to a hospital in Ramallah. Eyewitnesses say that the Palestinians did not pose a threat to the Israeli soldiers. 7 Palestinians were arrested during late-night raids in and around Qalandia, al-‘Izzariya, Beitunia, and Jenin. In East Jerusalem, Israeli settlers vandalized Palestinian-owned vehicles in Bayt Hanina by spraying racist graffiti, slashing tires and braking windows. In the Old City of Jerusalem, an employee of the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf was detained by Israeli police for opening the door to Bab al-Rahma. The Palestinian Prisoners’ Commission said that two Palestinian kids were severely beaten by Israeli forces while in detention after being arrested at Haram al-Sharif. In Gaza, Israeli forces announced that it had expanded the fishing zone for Gaza fishermen to 15 nautical miles off the southern part of Gaza. The middle zone of the Gaza shore will be 12 nautical miles and the northern zone will be 6 nautical miles. Israeli forces said that the expansion was due to the show of “restraint” at the Great March of Return protests. (AJ, HA, MNA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA, WAFA 4/1; HA, HA, MNA, MNA, PNN, WAFA, WAFA 4/2)

The PA announced that government employees for the 2d month in a row would receive only 50 percent of their salary. The PA said that the deduction in the government employees’ salaries was due to its decision not to accept $200 million in tax revenues collected by Israel as Israel deducted $11.5 million from the planned transfer to the PA because some of the money is scheduled to be paid to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons and their families. (MNA, WAFA 4/1)

During a visit to Israel, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro toured the Western Wall with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. President Bolsonaro was in Israel from 3/31-4/3. (HA 4/1)