Sunday, March 3, 1991

U.S. forces round up more than 1,400 Iraqi soldiers-including a brigadier general-from island of Faylakah, the last piece of Iraqi-held Kuwaiti territory. Allies hold about 63,000 Iraqi POWs [LAT 3/4].

Refugees crossing into Iran and Syria from Iraq report demonstrations against Saddam Hussein has spread from Basra to 3 other cities in southern Iraq [NYT, LAT, WP, WT 3/4].

At UN, U.S. and allies offer to speed the flow of food and other relief supplies into Iraq after nonaligned nations press for formal easing of sanctions [NYT 3/4].

Pres. Mitterrand makes what diplomats describe as his clearest call yet for a Palestinian state [LAT 3/4]; Mitterrand also calls for international peace conference on Middle East [WP, MEM 3/4].

Presenting 9-item postwar agenda, Pres. Mubarak urges fresh start for Arabs, says Egyptians have no quarrel with Iraqi people and will help rebuild Iraq [LAT, NYT, WP, MEM 3/4].

UNLU issues call number 68, calling for "increased rallying around the PLO and adherence to it as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people" [AFP 3/3, JPD 3/4 in FBIS 3/5; AVP 3/5 in FBIS 3/6; MEM 3/5; JPI 3/16].

Israeli jets fly through Lebanese army machine gun fire and bomb Fateh base in southern Lebanon; it is 1st air strike since Gulf war ended [MEM 3/4; MET 3/12].

Israel lifts curfew on Gaza Strip for 1st time since 16 January, Gaza fishermen are permitted to put to sea; several towns and villages in W. Bank remain under curfew [MEM 3/4].