Monday, March 4, 1991

Rebelling Iraqis have emptied prisons and executed loyalists to Saddam Hussein in fundamentalist uprising that has spread anarchy across southern Iraq in the last 4 days, according to refugees. Seven cities are reportedly in opposition hands [NYT, LAT, WP, CSM 3/5; AFP 3/4 in FBIS 3/5].

Kuwait's Crown Prince returns to Kuwait City amid celebratory gunfire; Kuwaitis who remained in their country during occupation say they expect significant democratic reforms when all rulers have returned [MEM 3/4; LAT, NYT, WP 3/5; CSM 3/6].

In interview with Guardian in London, Yasir Arafat says he is worried that Kuwaiti military will kill Palestinians in Kuwait; military in Kuwait City is reportedly detaining over 10,000 Iraqis and Palestinians [WT 3/5].

Pres. Bush says Iraq has turned over information about location of minefields in Kuwait; Bush adds disengagement is proceeding quickly and that Iraqis are cooperating [LAT 3/5].

White House says it is "collecting evidence" on war crimes, but that it will be up to "countries in the region" to initiate any trial of Iraqi officials [LAT 3/5].

At Vatican summit, Pope John Paul II tells church leaders from countries most directly involved in Gulf war that lasting Middle East peace depends on resolution of all of the region's problems [MEM 3/4; LAT 3/5].

As Sec. Baker's visit to Israel approaches, Israeli Construction and Housing Ministry announces that 1,000 additional housing units will be built in Golan Heights [JDS 3/4 in FBIS 3/4].

Palestinian family files suit against Jewish seminary over rights to house in Old City's Muslim quarter; theology student was found murdered in basement of house last week [NYT 3/5].

UNRWA claims that Israeli soldiers in Gaza Strip had beaten 2 of its members in 2d such incident in 10 days [NYT, MEM 3/5].

EC foreign ministers elect to give inexpensive loans totalling $210 million to Israel, along with $36 million in interest subsidies. Palestinians in o.t. are to receive from EC $80 million in grants [MEM 3/51.