Friday, March 8, 1991

Baghdad releases 2 U.S. POWs, 40 journalists, and hundreds of Kuwaiti POWs, as well as 1,181 who had been abducted by Iraqi troops. More than 6,300 American soldiers arrive in U.S. during 1st full day of nonstop homecomings [LAT, NYT 3/9].

During 2 1/2-hour meeting in Riyadh, Sec. Baker outlines to King Fahd 4 U.S. policy goals announced by Pres. Bush on 3/6. King agrees to take active role in support of U.S., but offers no specific commitments [NYT, LAT 3/9; RIDS 3/8 in FBIS 3/11; MET 3/19].

Iranian Pres. Rafsanjani expresses sympathy for rebels trying to overthrow Saddam Hussein; calls for Saddam to surrender "to the will of the people" [LAT, NYT 3/9].

In interview with journalists from Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, Pres. Bush says PLO has "lost credibility" after siding with Iraq; Bush dismisses chances for U.S.-PLO talks any time soon [WP 3/10].

EC "troika" ministers meet with King Hussein to discuss Middle East peace proposals [ADS 3/8 in FBIS 3/8].