Sunday, March 10, 1991

Meeting with Sec. Baker in Riyadh, representatives of the 8 Arab countries allied with U.S. in Gulf war give general endorsement to Pres. Bush's Middle East peace initiative; but press for concessions and flexibility from Israel [NYT, WP, LAT, CSM 3/11; KUNA 3/10 in FBIS 3/11].

On eve of Sec. Baker's visit to Israel, Palestinian fatally stabs 4 Israeli women at bus stop outside Jerusalem; police say assailant meant his action as "message" to Sec. Baker; Jewish bystanders throw stones at Palestinian cars and shout for revenge; Palestinians are barred from Jerusalem until further notice [NYT, LAT, WP, WT 3/11; IDF, JDS 3/10 in FBIS 3/11; CSM 3/12; FJ 3/18; MET 3/19; JPI 3/23].

18-truck convoy of medicine, food, and water leaves Jordan for Iraq. Relief officials say they are "fighting against time to try to prevent another health catastrophe" as warming weather raises threat of cholera and typhoid [LAT 3/11; MET 3/19].

Jerusalem radio reports that Ariel Sharon has submitted to P.M. Shamir his resignation as chrmn. of Ministerial Committee on Aliyah, saying he could not operate without additional powers or Shamir's support (cf. 3/13) [JDS 3/10 in FBIS 3/11].

Internal report from Israel's Housing Ministry indicates more than 10,000 new housing units are to be located in o.t., despite previous pledges by gov't. to Bush admin. to place all homes in Israel [WP, LAT 3/11].

Yasir Abd Rabbo says PLO has authorized Palestinian figures in o.t. to meet with Sec. Baker during his visit to Israel [AFP, ADS 3/10 in FBIS 3/11; AVP, TDS 3/11 in FBIS 3/12].

Israeli Inner Cabinet meets and reaffirms its adherence to its May 1989 peace plan; various ministers says Israel will not discuss Golan Heights [IDF, JDS 3/10 in FBIS 3/11]