Friday, March 22, 1991

For 2d time in 48 hours, U.S. fighter shoots down Iraqi warplane, this one over Kirkuk, Iraq. Bush admin. vows to continue to shoot down any military aircraft, and insists that it is not meddling in the uprising against Saddam Hussein [LAT, NYT, WP 3/23; MET 4/2].

Full Congress gives final approval of bill authorizing $42.6 billion in U.S. and allied payments toward cost of Gulf war, and passes $4.8-billion "dire emergency" bill that contains $650 million for Israel and $200 million for Turkey to defray war-related costs. Congress keeps provision cutting off aid to Jordan, but modifies it to allow resumption of aid if it is determined Jordan is aiding Middle East peace process. Bush admin. informs Congress that it intends to sell to Israel another Patriot missile unit for $350 million [WP, NYT, LAT 3/23].

Bush admin. is putting pressure on Japan to improve its relations with Israel, and, in particular, to end longstanding compliance by many Japanese companies with Arab boycott of trade with Israel [LAT 3/23].

UN Sec. Council's sanctions committee agrees to ease restrictions on food and other essential supplies for Iraq following 3/21 release of UN report warning of catastrophe in war-ravaged Iraq [LAT, NYT, WP 3/23; MET 4/2].

During tour of West Bank settlements, Housing Minister Ariel Sharon says construction of 13,000 housing units in o.t. has been approved for next 2 years. Plans contradict statements by P.M. Shamir who has told Bush admin. that gov't. has not approved such plans [LAT 3/23; JPI 3/30].

IDF says that 2 Arab guerrillas with automatic rifles crossing border from Jordan into northern Israel were shot dead by army patrol [LAT 3/23; JDS 3/22 in FBIS 3/22].