Sunday, April 7, 1991

Beginning trip to Middle East, Sec. Baker, along with other U.S. officials, acknowledge that initial exploratory efforts for Arab-Israeli settlement had gotten nowhere, and that it is time for Washington to begin pressing parties for specific concessions [NYT, WP, CSM 4/8].

In preparation for Sec. Baker's visit, Israeli officials bar Palestinians from Israel and E. Jerusalem [JDS 4/7 in FBIS 4/9; MET 4/16].

In effort to calm demands for democratic reform, Emir of Kuwait reiterates pledge to hold parliamentary elections "during the coming year, God willing." Emir also says he will study possibility of giving vote to some and to some of those now considered "second class" citizens in Kuwait (cf. 4/9) [NYT, WP, LAT, MEM 4/8; KUNA 4/7 in FBIS 4/8].

Scientists estimate oil spill in Gulf to be about 1.5 million barrels, with an estimated 3,000 barrels still pouring into the Gulf from several sources in Kuwait [WP 4/8].

Palestinian surgeon Dr. Mamdouh Aker is released on NIS 20,000 ($10,000) bail after over 5 weeks of detention on suspicion of writing intifada leaflet telling Palestinians how to protect themselves during Gulf war emergencies [MEM 4/8].