Tuesday, April 16, 1991

Pres. Bush says that U.S., British, and French troops will set up secure camps in northern Iraq that could shelter more than 500,000 Kurds until they could be coaxed back to their homes [NYT, WP, LAT 4/17].

Inspectors from International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) negotiate with Baghdad for permission to visit rubble of Iraq's 2 nuclear research reactors to see if country's supply of weapons-grade uranium is still intact, and if it is, to destroy it or remove it [WP 4/17].

P.M. Shamir meets with Soviet P.M. in London; Shamir says that diplomatic relations between the 2 countries would have to be established before Moscow could have a role at Middle East peace conference [WP 4/17].

U.S. calls new Jewish settlement of Revava "an obstacle" and questions Israel's timing, with Sec. Baker due to arrive on 4/18 [NYT, WP, LAT, MEM 4/17; MET 4/30].

Israeli navy shells boat carrying 8 Palestinians, allegedly en route to Israel. All are killed [RFL 4/17 in FBIS 4/17].

Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics reports Israel's population has reached 4.9 million [IDS 4/16 in FBIS 4/19].