Thursday, April 25, 1991

Soviet Union announces that it is prepared to cosponsor Middle East peace conference with U.S., as F.M. Bessmertnykh meets with Sec. Baker in Kislovodsk, USSR [NYT, WP, LAT 4/26].

While Sec. Baker is en route to Israel from Soviet Union, Israelis move 7 additional mobile homes to new West Bank settlement of Talmon Bet [NYT 4/26]. Gush Emunim group brings 16 additional mobile homes to new settlement of Revava; IDF stops convoy from setting up homes, claiming move was not approved by gov't. [JDS 4/25, YA 4/26 in FBIS 4/26].

In 90-minute news conference with Iraqi and foreign journalists, Iraqi P.M. Saadun Hamadi says his country is moving toward democracy, wants better relations with West, and will abide by UN terms for lifting economic sanctions [NYT, WP 4/26; INA 4/25 in FBIS 4/26].

Palestinian notable Radwan Abu Ayyash, who met with Sec. Baker, is given green ID card, barring him from Israel without special permission from Israeli gov't. [MEM 4/25; JDS 4/25 in FBIS 4/25].

53 senators sign letter to King Fahd urging Saudi Arabia to participate in proposed Arab-Israeli peace talks; letter calls Saudi involvement "indispensable" [MEM 4/26].