Saturday, November 17, 1990

Citing American, British, and Israeli intelligence experts, New York Times reports Iraq has acquired nuclear weapons capacity that could enable it to begin manufacturing and using nuclear weapons within 10 years [NYT 11/18; CSM 11/19].

King Hussein opens Jordanian parliament with bleak assessment of Jordan's prospects in wake of Gulf crisis and attacks "blatant and shameless" hypocrisy of nations involved in military buildup in Saudi Arabia (cf. 11/19) [NYT 11/18].

Through meetings with 3 African F.M.s, Sec. Baker reportedly wins support of Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, and Zaire for UN Sec. Council resolution authorizing use of force against Iraq [NYT, WP 11/18; CSM 11/19].

Quoting Palestinian sources, Tunisian newspaper reports that Libya has recently expelled Abu Nidal [MENA 11/17 in FBIS 11/20].

Curfew imposed on o.t. on 11/15 to prevent demonstrations on 2d anniversary of Palestinian declaration of independence is lifted in West Bank; most of Gaza Strip remains under curfew [JDS 11/17 in FBIS 11/21].