Thursday, November 29, 1990

UN Sec. Council passes resolution 678 by vote of 12-2, with 1 abstention, to authorize "all necessary means" to force Iraq to leave Kuwait, setting 1/15 as deadline after which Iraq faces possible military response. [NYT, LAT, WT, WP 11/30; INA 11/30, BADS 12/1 in FBIS 12/3].

House Republican and Democratic leaders advise Pres. Bush not to call for special session of Congress to authorize use of force against Iraq, as they could not guarantee strong bipartisan support for such a resolution [NYT, WP 11/30].

Pentagon orders 300 additional warplanes to Gulf region, increasing U.S. total there to 1,200 [LAT 11/30; NYT 12/1].

Jerusalem magistrate court convicts army reserve Lt. Col. Yair Klein of illegally exporting military weapons and expertise to Colombia. Klein reportedly sold arms and provided training to members of drug cartel (cf. 1/3) [NYT, WT 11/30; JPI 12/8; MET 12/11].

UN Committee for the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People celebrates "international solidarity day with Palestinian people"; letters from Yasir Arafat and Pres. Mubarak are read to committee [AVP, MENA 11/29 in FBIS 11/30].

General strike is observed throughout o.t. on occasion of 43d anniversary of UN resolution to partition Palestine [FJ 12/3; MET 12/11].

Ryan Crocker, new U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, presents his credentials to Pres. Hrawi; U.S. embassy had been closed since 9/89 [NYT 11/30].