Sunday, December 30, 1990

Baghdad tells U.S. gov't. that if coalition forces attack, Iraqi guerrillas would strike at vital U.S. interests around globe [LAT, WT, CSM 12/31].

Vice Pres. Quayle, on Gulf trip, asks Saudi rulers and Kuwaiti gov't.-in-exile to provide additional funds for U.S.-led coalition [NYT, LAT, WT 12/31].

Senate minority leader Bob Dole (R-Kan.) says putting the Emir of Kuwait back on the throne is not "worth one American life"; says U.S. should make additional efforts to arrange meeting between Saddam and Sec. Baker [NYT, WP 12/31].

General strike is observed in o.t. in protest of 12/29 killing of 4 Palestinians [FJ 1/7].

HaAretz reports that Housing Ministry has decided to build 1,500 housing units for Jewish immigrants in the Golan Heights [HAA 12/31 in FBIS 12/31].