Thursday, February 7, 1991

Sec. Baker proposes new Middle East bank for reconstruction and development to collect funds from region's richest countries to rebuild Iraq and support programs for area's neediest [LAT, WP 2/8].

U.S. ambassador to Jordan Roger Harrison meets with For. Affairs Min. Taher Masri to protest King Hussein's 2/6 speech; P.M. Shamir also tells reporters that speech "worries us, because he is our neighbor" [LAT 2/8]; Bush admin. says it is reviewing all economic aid granted by U.S. to Jordan [MEM 2/7; NYT, WP, WT 2/8].

Pentagon wants access to Syrian airspace to help wage war against Iraq, but White House has declined to push Syria for permission, according to admin. officials [NYT 2/8].

For 1st time since war began, Israeli commandos move north from "security zone" in Lebanon to strike at Palestinian bases; Israeli gov't. warns that incursions would continue unless Lebanese Army ejects "terrorist organizations" from region [NYT 2/8].