Monday, December 5, 1983


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Bethlehem U. resumes classes after closure by Israeli military (11/2/83) during folklore festival there. Over 200 anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews protest corner-stone-laying ceremony at Emmanuel religious settlement; block 16 buses of Agudat Israel Party supporters planning to attend. In address to Israeli Federation of Contractors and Builders convention in Jerusalem, Shamir urges private builders to develop West Bank. Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Com. report new ultra-rightwing underground, stockpiling arms and planning to take over part of territories. Labor Federation leader Shehadeh Minawi released on IS5,000 bail after held for 24 hrs. on charges of arranging illegal conference in Jerusalem. About 20 S. Lebanon merchants meet with Israeli Industry and Trade Director in Jerusalem to discuss ways of improving trade.

Arab World: PLO Political Dep't. head Qaddoumi refuses proposal by some PLO Executive Com. members to replace Arafat. Mubarak warns new "strategic cooperation" will spell disaster for American friends in Arab world; other official Arab sources concur.

Other Countries: UK Labor Party dep. sec. Hattersley says his party admires Israel as "one of the greatest events of the 20th century," adding Labor's recent pro-PLO resolutions were only attempts to introduce "realism into the romantic." North American Palestinian community mtg. in Newark, NJ publicizes declaration reaffirming support for PLO and Arafat leadership.


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Violent exchanges in Jerusalem between extremist Zionist cells injerusalem, Birkat Avraham, Torat Kohanim and Shuva Banim yeshivot and Arab residents of Muslim Quarter when several students spray tear gas in eyes of young Palestinian man near his shop; neighbors retaliate with barrage of stones.

Arab World: 24 US jets strike in Chouf mountains and Metn region, hit 6 villages; US claims retaliation for Syrian anti-aircraft fire against yesterday's US flights over Lebanon; 2 US planes downed, 1 airman killed, 1 captured by Syria. US Navy spokesman says US reevaluating Syrian military capabilities.