Monday, December 12, 1983


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Denied building permits since 1948, refugees of Kadita village living in Anbara camp granted 35 dunums by Israeli Lands Administra- tion. In response to latest clashes with Arab residents in Upper Nazareth, Arab-Jewish committee formed in Jerusalem to combat increasing racism against Arabs. Law in the Service of Man (Ramallah) publishes reply to misinformation in US State Dep't. report on Israel's human rights record.

Arab World: US Sec. of State Shultz defends "strategic coorperation" with Israel during talks with HM Hassan II in Rabat. About 2,000 Lebanese and Palestinian former Ansar prisoners rearrested and interrogated by Israeli forces. Israeli military court in Nablus sentences 14 youths from Qabatyah to 2 to 3-year prison terms for stone-throwing.


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Dhib Mahmoud Daba'ak killed instantly by Israeli patrol while ploughing field near Tayasir, NW of Nablus; body airlifted to Jaffa for autopsy and Israel Army spokesman announces man killed by stray bullet while riding horse into firing range. Israeli forces set up checkpoints at entrances to al-Najah National University, harassing students and faculty. Booby-trapped IDF grenade explodes on doorstep of Palestinian home in Husan village; 2 other bombs discovered in search of village.