Thursday, December 15, 1983


Occupied Palestine/lsrael: High Court delays order to demolish 2 al-Thowri homes belonging to families of persons suspected of indirect involvement in killing of Israeli settler in Hebron. 3 Dura teenagers sentenced by Ramallah military court to 15-30 years for membership in "illegal organizations." 2 Gaza Red Crescent Society officials, Dr. Haidar Abd al-Shafi & Abd al-Karim Tululi, tried for possession of banned books. Town arrest of Hamdi Faraj, executive member of Arab Journalists Assoc., renewed for 6 months. Israel Central Bureau of Statistics announces inflation to reach 190% by end 1983 (compared with 130% in 1982).

Other Countries: Israel's 1985 American aid request presented simultaneously in Washington and Jerusalem; no final sum, but declares need for $3.3 billion to fill foreign currency gap. Reagan appoints Orthodox Jew, Marshall Jordan Berger to post as White House liaison to US Jewish community. UNRWA disavows any connection with Israeli gov't.'s proposed refugee resettlement scheme. US praises Israel-assisted rescue of Phalangist militiamen from Deir al-Qamar as "model for further progress in the reconciliation process in Lebanon." European Parliament to send delegation to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Egypt to examine possibilities of solutions to Middle East and Lebanon conflict.


Arab World: USS New Jersey's 16-inch guns, in action for first time since Vietnam war, fire at Syrian anti-aircraft batteries east of Beirut.