Sunday, January 1, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli Dep. Cabinet Min. warns 50-100,000 Israelis may emigrate in 1984. Israeli police report material evidence links shooting of Nablus girls (12/8/83) to Yosef Harnoi (of Tel Aviv & Elon Moreh); Pinhas Mahrabi and Ephraim Segal as accomplices. 19th anniversary of establishment of PLO. Hanna Nakkara distinguished Palestinian advocate, well-known for his work in defense of Bedouin rights and against land confiscation, dies in Haifa.


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Rida Hashem Zeid Keelani of Jenin shot dead by Israeli patrol at Jalazoun refugee camp for failing to stop for identity check; occupation authorities force family to bury body at night to avoid attention; IDF later announces victim listed as suspected terrorist. Central Nablus placed under curfew after petrol bomb attack on IDF foot patrol; later, petrol bomb hurled at patrol in Balata refugee camp; petrol bomb attack reported in Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza Strip.