Tuesday, January 3, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israel civil servants stop work over new austerity measures, including 15% increases in staple food prices as subsidies cut. Knesset Finance Committee approves 14% increase in electricty costs, retroactive to 12/1/83. Social Workers Union members demonstrate before Labor and Social Affairs Ministry to protest recent sanctions.

Arab World: Syria releases US airman to Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Other Countries: Before American Jewish Committee in NY, Israel's former advisor on Arab affairs Menahem Milson says Palestinians should be granted right organize politically (provided they recognize Israel and reject PLO). Britain declassifies 1953 secret memorandum outlining early plans to arm Israel.


Arab World: Israeli Kfir bombers launch 2 attacks on suspected Palestinian positions in Bhamdoun, Lebanon. Some non-essential IDF personnel withdrawn from Sidon.