Wednesday, February 8, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Knesset in emergency session on consequences of US withdrawal from Lebanon; proceedings classified.

Arab World: Arafat arrives in Sana'a from Kuwait for talks with Pres. Saleh.

Other Countries: US House Speaker O'Neill claims US shelling not authorized within War Powers Act. Pope John-Paul urges pull-out of MNF from Lebanon and calls for protection of Palestinian refugees there in appeal to US Pres. Reagan. French gov't. reacts critically to US decision to pull out of Beirut; engages in diplomatic efforts to reconvene UN Security Council for replacing MNF with UN force.


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli patrol kills Israeli government ranger, shooting at wild dogs in field near Beit Lahiya, Gaza, mistaking him for Palestinian "guerrilla." Complaints registered with Tel Aviv police that Civil Defense volunteers from local high schools randomly beat Arabs; base commander Sarah Ruhamim, reportedly commanded pupils: "Get out of the patrol car and see that the Arabs get a beating; my daughter enjoys it terribly." Ruhamim resigned after sum- moned by CD commander. Arab World: USS New Jersey fires big guns for 5 hours at artillery positions behind Syrian lines. 6th/15th Lancers of British MNF withdraw from Beirut to aircraft carrier Reliant.