Tuesday, February 14, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Israeli Dep. PM Levy says Reagan decision to pull out of Lebanon shows "poor judgement and certain weakness." Israeli Chief of Staff Eitan says IDF must remain in S. Lebanon forever to ensure safe northern border.

Other Countries: King Hussein, Pres. Mubarak and Pres. Reagan meet at White House to discuss ways to negotiated settlement of West Bank and Gaza status; Reagan disassociates self from Mubarak's appeal for "direct dialogue" with PLO. US amb. to Israel Samuel Lewis tells presidents of American Jewish organizations at Jerusalem Hilton that US Embassy should have been moved to Jerusalem in 1950s. British FM Howe states position that May 17 agreement "must not be allowed to become an obstacle to national reconciliation" in Lebanon.


Arab World: Druze militias make gains against LAF; US responds by shelling Druze areas with 45 rounds from destroyers offshore.