Tuesday, February 21, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: Former chief of staff, Eitan heckled during visit to Beer Sheba U. on tour of Negev; declares Arab students have no business there, tells them: "This is our country, not yours."

Arab World: Syria presents Gemayel 4-point plan for Lebanon: abrogate May 17 accord, deal with Syrian military presence through Arab League, set up national unity with parity for all factions, convene national unity talks in Geneva. Christian Phalangist militia leader Fadi Frem cautions Gemayel his forces will not accept abrogation of May 17 agreement.

Other Countries: Sec. of State Shultz says Marine pull-out from Beirut will be complete in 2 weeks. Israeli firm, Elbit, announces $6 million deal to supply naval communications systems to undisclosed European government.


Arab World: US Marines begin formal withdrawal to 6th Fleet vessels off Beirut. Israel bombs alleged Palestinian targets in central mountain villages of Bhamdoun, Ain al-Jadida, Bikh Shtay and Mansuriya; sends armored column north within 12 miles of Beirut.