Thursday, April 5, 1984


Occupied Palestine/Israel: WZO completes placement of 30 buildings on hilltop S.E. of Nablus to form Tel Haim settlement [adjacent to former Elon Moreh, ordered dismantled in 1979]. Jerusalem mayor Kollek's spokesman confirms plan for 75-acre Jewish cemetery east of city, saying it "will increase our hold" on West Bank. Report issued by "West Bank Data Project" concludes US funds intended for economic projects in occupied territories diverted by Israeli gov't. for its own use. Labor Party unanimously nominates Shimon Peres as PM candidate for 7/23 elections.

Other Countries: Zehdi Terzi speaks before Canadian Senate Foreign Affairs Com. as final witness in 2-yr. review of Canadian policy toward Middle East. US Pres. Reagan tells Jewish Community Relations Council in private New York mtg. that if Israel expelled from UN, "We will walk out with her."

Military Action:

Arab World: IDF shoots and wounds 7 Lebanese civilians in Sidon after grenade thrown at Israeli patrol on main street.

Other Countries: Bomb explodes in Israel Aircraft Industries' Manhattan offices; "Red Guerrilla Resistance" claims responsibility.