Monday, August 20, 1990

Pres. Bush declares 2,000 Americans detained in Iraq and Kuwait "hostages" and holds Iraqi gov't responsible for their safety. Iraq begins moving Americans and other foreigners to military and industrial installations as shields to prevent U.S. attack [LAT, NYT, WP, WT 8/21].

Soviet F.M. Shevardnadze meets with Iraqi deputy P.M. Saddun Hammadi in Moscow to discuss Gulf crisis [NYT 8/22].

Iraq informs accredited diplomatic missions in Kuwait to close by 8/24 [INA 8/20 in FBIS 8/20; WP 8/21].

In Abu Dhabi, Defense Sec. Richard Cheney announces agreement that will allow U.S. forces to operate from UAE military bases; U.S. troops have been in UAE for nearly a week [WP, CSM 8/21].

Senior Saudi official says his gov't plans to spend at least $8-$11 billion to cover expenses arising from Gulf crisis: mostly housing or transportation for refugees, military preparations, and assistance to multinational force in Gulf [WP 8/21]. Israeli moderates are sharply divided over whether to negotiate with Palestinian leaders in peace process; some say it is more important than ever to push dialogue with Palestinians, others oppose because of Palestinian support for Iraq [LAT, WT 8/21].

Israeli police evict 100 homeless people from tent camp in Jerusalem resulting from housing shortage caused by increased immigration [LAT 8/21].

Israeli Supreme Court issues temporary injunction against construction of VOA transmitter in Negev until environmental impact study is concluded [NYT, WP 8/21].

Citing state security, Israel bans foreign travel for Faisal Husayni and trade rep. Zuhira Kamal and for PFLP-supporter Ata Khalil Muhammad Qaimari for 6 months [MEM 8/21; IDF 8/20 in FBIS 8/21; MET 8/28].