Tuesday, August 21, 1990

Unnamed Syrian source reports first batch of Syrian troops has been dispatched to Saudi Arabia [DDS 8/21 in FBIS 8/22], foreign and defense ministers of 9-nation Western European Union vow to expand naval operations in Gulf and to share responsibility with U.S. for enforcing sanctions; 12-nation EC denounces detention of Westerners in Iraq, says their countries' embassies will defy Baghdad's orders to close [WP 8/22].

Military reports say Iraq has fortified Kuwait with up to 800 Scud missiles and 36 launchers, and with land mines placed around vital installations [WT 8/22].

During meeting with Iraqi deputy P.M. Hammadi, Soviet officials urge Iraq to provide guarantees for safety for all foreigners in Iraq and Kuwait [NYT 8/22].

Iraqi F.M. Aziz arrives in Amman, says Iraq is ready to discuss a wide range of Middle East issues with the U.S.; also says foreigners in Iraq are not "hostages." Bush admin. says it will not negotiate with Saddam until Iraq leaves Kuwait [NYT, WP 8/22].

Egypt's Pres. Mubarak makes emotional appeal to Saddam to withdraw from Kuwait [NYT, WP 8/22].

Sec. of Defense Richard Cheney returns to Washington after 6-nation tour of Gulf [WT 8/22].

Yemen says it will not allow Iraqi oil tankers to unload in Aden [NYT 8/22].

Survey conducted by Committee for the Protection of the Occupied Children of 1,000 households in Jenin area finds 47.5% of children 6-14 had been physically harmed by IDF soldiers, either by beating, shooting, or teargassing [HAA 8/22 in FBIS 8/24].

Lebanese parliament ratifies constitutional changes approved by Ta'if agreement 10 months ago, changes could establish political equality between Muslims and Christians [WP 8/22; NYT 8/23].