Sunday, August 26, 1990

On 4-day visit to N. Africa, King Hussein meets Qaddafi in Tripoli to discuss Gulf crisis [ADS, AFP 8/26 in FBIS 8/27; LAT 8/27; MET 9/4].

Iraq permit. 2 women and children from U.S. embassy in Kuwait to leave the country; 3 are turned back at Turkish border; Saddam meets with Austrian Pres. Kurt Waldheim and frees 96 Austrians [WT, LAT 8/27].

Soviet F.M. Shevardnadze demonstrates Moscow's continued reluctance to take military role in Gulf crisis, saying USSR would leave it up to other countries to enforce naval blockade of Iraq [LAT, WT, WP, NYT 8/27].

Israeli military says it will begin blocking exports of Palestinian-produced fruits, vegetables, and other products shipped through Jordan to Iraq [NYT 8/27].